WEBVTT 00:00:00.149 --> 00:00:09.459 Hello, my friends. I'm Professor hans Von Puppet and today I’m going to teach you 00:00:09.459 --> 00:00:13.259 about autism! Autism is a difference in some people’s 00:00:13.259 --> 00:00:17.340 brains that makes them experience the world differently. 00:00:17.340 --> 00:00:21.330 Autistic kids feel their senses differently from others. Some have stronger senses than 00:00:21.330 --> 00:00:26.589 other kids. That can make noises seem too loud, lights seem too bright, clothes super 00:00:26.589 --> 00:00:33.160 itchy, some food taste yucky, and smells seem stinky. Other autistic kids aren't as sensitive 00:00:33.160 --> 00:00:38.860 as other kids. They might like to jump on a trampoline or make loud noises! Most autistic 00:00:38.860 --> 00:00:44.320 kids are a bit of both - more sensitive to some things and less sensitive to others. 00:00:44.320 --> 00:00:48.940 Some things can be HARDER for some autistic kids to do than other kids, like making friends, 00:00:48.940 --> 00:00:54.870 talking, and dealing with changes in plans. Because they have trouble talking, autistic 00:00:54.870 --> 00:00:59.600 kids might copy other words to say what they want. Like if I was an autistic kid and I 00:00:59.600 --> 00:01:05.550 was upset at something, I might copy the line from the TV show Phineas & Ferb and say, “Curse 00:01:05.550 --> 00:01:11.450 you Perry the Platypus!” to show I was angry. Autism can make other things easier for autistic 00:01:11.450 --> 00:01:15.750 kids, like learning things about favorite interests! An autistic kid who likes the movie 00:01:15.750 --> 00:01:21.370 Cars might know the ENTIRE script. Another might know everything about fans, dinosaurs, 00:01:21.370 --> 00:01:27.130 or Angry Birds! Every autistic kid has their own interests and that's great! 00:01:27.130 --> 00:01:31.280 Another cool thing about being autistic is that autistic kids can get SUPER happy sometimes 00:01:31.280 --> 00:01:35.909 – so happy that they have to use their body to show how happy they are! They might flap 00:01:35.909 --> 00:01:40.120 their hands or jump for joy! They might use their body to show other emotions, too – like 00:01:40.120 --> 00:01:44.150 rocking when they’re upset. Overall, autistic kids are different from 00:01:44.150 --> 00:01:48.780 other kids, but they can be just as happy as anyone else. 00:01:48.780 --> 00:01:53.120 So if you're an autistic kid, you should be proud of your unique self! 00:01:53.120 --> 00:01:56.079 I hope this helped you understand autism better!