WEBVTT 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:01.120 de halooooooooo 00:00:01.120 --> 00:00:02.880 Zdcfdfdfdfdffdfdfdf 00:00:02.880 --> 00:00:05.760 OH. MY. GOODNESS. 00:00:06.580 --> 00:00:07.220 AC Family, 00:00:07.740 --> 00:00:09.000 We've reached the tipping point 00:00:09.080 --> 00:00:09.960 The Fire Nation, 00:00:09.960 --> 00:00:12.200 our epic Tropical Fire Ant colony, 00:00:12.200 --> 00:00:14.860 Is about to explode out of the setup! 00:00:14.860 --> 00:00:17.160 Look at how many ants there are! 00:00:17.280 --> 00:00:19.560 Wow! Our beloved queen, 00:00:19.620 --> 00:00:22.900 who hides here protected by her super-aggressive warriors, 00:00:22.900 --> 00:00:25.200 has certainly been busy. 00:00:25.560 --> 00:00:28.540 So, It is finally time to reveal what I had planned 00:00:28.540 --> 00:00:31.100 for our bins that you saw from a previous video. 00:00:31.480 --> 00:00:36.240 We are giving the fire nation their very own sand castle grounds. 00:00:36.380 --> 00:00:39.340 Welcome everyone, to the Fire palace 00:00:40.440 --> 00:00:46.100 For the very first time, today, we are gonna watch as our HUGE fire ant colony is given the most 00:00:46.100 --> 00:00:48.740 surface, the most sub-terrianian area 00:00:48.740 --> 00:00:57.280 and greatest of all, the most digging medium they've ever had, to construct the biggest most amazing castle they've ever built 00:00:57.280 --> 00:01:01.900 In this episode, we will witness the sheer and mind-blowing power and 00:01:01.900 --> 00:01:05.160 ingenuity of nature's most prolific engineers and architects. 00:01:05.360 --> 00:01:08.360 You won't want to miss all of the epic ant action ahead, 00:01:08.365 --> 00:01:11.960 so keep watching until the very end to see what they end up making. 00:01:12.720 --> 00:01:18.506 AC Family, let's sit back and marvel as the Fire Nation, our biggest ant colony on this channel, 00:01:18.506 --> 00:01:21.580 shows us their true potential as Ant-Hill builders, 00:01:21.580 --> 00:01:24.940 in this episode of The Ants Canada Ant Channel! 00:01:27.940 --> 00:01:32.720 *whispering* Please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon, this is the amazing world of ants, enjoy! 00:01:33.500 --> 00:01:35.880 WELCOME, to the AC ant room. 00:01:35.960 --> 00:01:41.940 It may seem calm and quiet on the surface, but if we take a closer look at our ant farm set up here 00:01:42.360 --> 00:01:48.860 We'll discover that a great nation is bustling with life, active, and non-stop on the move. 00:01:49.440 --> 00:01:52.620 So we've come the the point to where the Fire Nation can no longer be contained 00:01:52.700 --> 00:01:54.460 in their current setup. 00:01:54.560 --> 00:01:56.400 Look at how many ants there are. 00:01:56.500 --> 00:01:59.760 Here's Solenopsis Hill, just covered with ants. 00:02:00.480 --> 00:02:05.600 Inside they congregate in massive numbers, as usual. 00:02:05.700 --> 00:02:09.000 Here we have Fire Ant Mountain, also jam-packed with ants! 00:02:10.240 --> 00:02:14.960 As busy as these lands are, what I find impressive are the highlands! 00:02:15.440 --> 00:02:17.500 Let's move up this tube, and into the Hydrocombs. 00:02:18.360 --> 00:02:21.200 Whoa! Look at how they've changed these territories! 00:02:21.880 --> 00:02:23.880 Remember how clean these lands used to be? 00:02:23.880 --> 00:02:28.400 Well, they've moved soil in from neighboring territories and made it cozier for them! 00:02:28.720 --> 00:02:30.420 It is so busy here! 00:02:30.820 --> 00:02:34.000 Look at how they've completely moved soil into the tubes! 00:02:34.200 --> 00:02:40.000 And here, they've created a grand arch made of bits of cotton they have pulled from the test tube setups. 00:02:40.760 --> 00:02:41.660 How interesting. 00:02:42.060 --> 00:02:46.400 Comes to show you that the Fire Nation will NOT have us humans decorate their space! 00:02:46.980 --> 00:02:51.160 They're determined to have final say in the planning of their ant country's design. 00:02:51.860 --> 00:02:53.580 Moving along to the Fire Jungle... 00:02:53.980 --> 00:02:59.500 As you can see, they've continued to fashion their amazing ant hills and tunnels into the soil. 00:02:59.740 --> 00:03:02.580 And look at how they've stuck clumps of soil to the walls! 00:03:02.960 --> 00:03:03.920 So neat! 00:03:04.800 --> 00:03:09.700 Moving along to the neighboring Tropic of Pyro, we have even more cool ant hill work! 00:03:10.940 --> 00:03:15.900 You know, what I truly find amazing is that these ant hills are changing every day! 00:03:16.480 --> 00:03:18.900 Every time I look into these soil nests, they look different. 00:03:19.280 --> 00:03:23.200 With new holes, holes moved to new places, new hills... 00:03:23.480 --> 00:03:26.440 The shape and topography of the surface is always changing! 00:03:26.440 --> 00:03:31.500 The reason for this is that the ants constantly construct these soil homes in such a way that 00:03:31.600 --> 00:03:35.140 they provide the utmost perfect internal conditions. 00:03:35.800 --> 00:03:41.700 Their soil nests are modular on purpose, constantly changing with the varying moisture levels of the soil. 00:03:42.140 --> 00:03:43.360 Isn't that amazing? 00:03:43.740 --> 00:03:48.020 Could you imagine if your home could constantly change like this, in response to weather, 00:03:48.020 --> 00:03:51.340 in such a way it creates the perfect internal home environment? 00:03:51.900 --> 00:03:54.220 Now, speaking of eternal home environments... 00:03:54.660 --> 00:04:01.200 If you think all of this above the ground looks impressive, let's go beneath the soil and see what they've done! 00:04:01.300 --> 00:04:06.800 Beneath the Tropic of Pyro, we have sub-terranian tunnels- and my, does it look moist down there! 00:04:06.800 --> 00:04:10.200 In the basement of the Fire Jungle we have brood rooms. 00:04:10.800 --> 00:04:12.800 ...and beneath the hydrocombs? 00:04:12.800 --> 00:04:18.000 Wow! Look at all of that brood! It looks like these are the main pupae chambers! 00:04:24.800 --> 00:04:28.200 What you're looking at here is the future workers of the Fire Nation! 00:04:28.300 --> 00:04:34.200 You'll notice that some of the pupae are an orange color. These pupae are ones that are ready to eclose, 00:04:34.340 --> 00:04:38.240 meaning the fully developed adult ants are just about to emerge from them. 00:04:38.740 --> 00:04:45.560 This pupal stage lasts about a week and, once adult workers, they live for about a month more before dying. 00:04:45.560 --> 00:04:51.760 The lifespan of worker ants is quite short, and it's the queen that lives for years and years. 00:04:51.960 --> 00:04:57.800 Mindblowing to think that every month or so, all the worker ants that you watch in these videos are 00:04:57.860 --> 00:05:03.740 a completely different generation of ants from the ants you may have watched in videos just a month before! 00:05:03.760 --> 00:05:10.920 Every few weeks, this colony is replaced by a brand new generation of workers as the ants live and naturally die out. 00:05:11.680 --> 00:05:15.540 So it seems the soil nests have been quite beneficial for the Fire Nation, 00:05:15.620 --> 00:05:20.760 which is why today is the day we're finally going to give them the opportunity to 00:05:20.760 --> 00:05:24.740 really express their natural instinct to dig and create their ant castles! 00:05:24.740 --> 00:05:30.500 We, the AC Family, are going to welcome them to the Fire Palace! 00:05:30.520 --> 00:05:34.100 This is truly going to be epic! 00:05:38.940 --> 00:05:46.360 Alright, so what we've done here is filled the Rubber-Maid bin with about 4/10ths of organic soil for them to dig into. 00:05:46.760 --> 00:05:51.040 I didn't want to add any more soil than this because the ants build the ant hills upwards, 00:05:51.040 --> 00:05:54.960 and it's amazing how they can achieve height for their ant nests! 00:05:55.020 --> 00:05:59.100 I didn't want them to be able to build their way out of this Rubber-Maid bin! 00:05:59.100 --> 00:06:03.220 It also concerned me that this bin didn't have the upside-down area like in 00:06:03.280 --> 00:06:06.440 our AC Outworlds in which we could apply our ant barrier. 00:06:06.440 --> 00:06:11.980 So this time I was gonna make sure to add a huge layer of it, just to make sure our Fire Nation would not 00:06:11.980 --> 00:06:15.760 be able to get out and make a nation of our ant room here. 00:06:15.760 --> 00:06:21.480 I also wanted to test this first one one bin before giving the Fire Nation access to the second bin. 00:06:21.500 --> 00:06:24.337 Applying this slippery barrier is super crucial! 00:06:24.340 --> 00:06:31.680 Once dry, the ants will slip right off it, but I'll have to be diligent at continually checking for weaknesses in this barrier. 00:06:32.320 --> 00:06:35.960 And now, all was set! The Fire Palace was ready to be built! 00:06:36.280 --> 00:06:40.980 It was time to move the Fire Nation into this new, massive territory! 00:06:41.040 --> 00:06:43.820 Let's do this, AC Family! Are you ready? 00:06:43.940 --> 00:06:49.960 Okay, so my plan was to take this tube, extending from the Gemenetta Pass, which currently leads to the Antagome, 00:06:50.260 --> 00:06:53.460 and attach it to this tube leading into the Fire Palace. 00:06:54.160 --> 00:07:00.360 The other end of the tube, from the Antagome was going to be a dead end for now into this sugar test tube setup. 00:07:00.360 --> 00:07:01.660 Here goes nothing! 00:07:01.920 --> 00:07:05.940 Behold! The Fire Nation being released to the Fire Palace! 00:07:06.500 --> 00:07:09.580 AC Family, let's watch the exciting move! 00:07:15.000 --> 00:07:21.540 Here we go. Disconnecting the tubes here and placing a cotton swab on that end while I deal with this end. 00:07:22.880 --> 00:07:24.380 Attached! 00:07:25.200 --> 00:07:27.200 Gotta make sure it's screwed in properly! 00:07:27.600 --> 00:07:29.100 And we're clear! 00:07:37.080 --> 00:07:42.100 Now attaching the other end of that test tube to this sugar test tube... Woops! I dropped it! 00:07:42.260 --> 00:07:43.260 Alright, recovered! 00:08:12.480 --> 00:08:15.340 The Fire Palace is officially alive! 00:08:48.660 --> 00:08:54.300 Overnight, the ants had built a palace that no human could have achieved in an equal amount of time! 00:08:54.660 --> 00:08:56.740 Look at how high the soil was moved! 00:08:57.420 --> 00:08:58.900 Look at all of those tunnels! 00:08:59.120 --> 00:09:04.160 The ants have now moved in and I know they are truly loving their new Fire Palace because 00:09:04.200 --> 00:09:07.260 I caught them moving brood into these new nesting grounds! 00:09:07.540 --> 00:09:14.140 I bet the queen is also already living here, and if she isn't I bet they'll move her in quite soon! 00:09:14.840 --> 00:09:21.080 It amazes me just how these ants went straight to work digging and customizing, and they did it en concert, 00:09:21.380 --> 00:09:25.500 executing this massive project instinctually and efficiently. 00:09:25.820 --> 00:09:29.220 Ants are truly amazing architects, engineers, and construction workers! 00:09:30.520 --> 00:09:31.960 And want to know something else cool? 00:09:32.380 --> 00:09:36.160 Amazingly, two days later, check out the other territories... 00:09:36.600 --> 00:09:41.420 Look at Solonopsis Hill! It's been a long time since I've seen this little traffic here! 00:09:41.560 --> 00:09:47.600 and peeking inside... Wow! Just a few members there at the back, but now mostly empty! 00:09:47.900 --> 00:09:51.320 Take a look at Fire Ant Mountain... Deserted! 00:09:51.460 --> 00:09:55.760 And remember the hydrocombs with their super-packed subterranian pupae chambers? 00:09:55.960 --> 00:10:01.720 All the pupae have been moved into the Fire Palace and they just had a few more left to transfer. 00:10:02.600 --> 00:10:07.320 The Fire Nation has officially moved the bulk of the colony into the Fire Palace. 00:10:08.440 --> 00:10:14.360 This is okay, though, because it gives me an opportunity now to go in and give these other territories a 00:10:14.480 --> 00:10:17.420 good cleaning before they get large enough to move back in. 00:10:17.880 --> 00:10:21.960 Another cool thing about the Fire Palace is that, because there is so much soil, 00:10:22.060 --> 00:10:28.520 organic waste can decompose easier and the ants simply bury any rotting organic waste and 00:10:28.520 --> 00:10:30.560 not worry about it like they do in the wild. 00:10:31.180 --> 00:10:35.460 It means that cleaning is much easier in a soil nest like this. 00:10:36.100 --> 00:10:40.120 As is AC tradition, I'm going to give these ants a housewarming gift! 00:10:40.500 --> 00:10:41.460 Some chicken! 00:10:41.960 --> 00:10:47.360 I'm gonna have to observe the Fire Palace here closely over the next few days to make sure all goes as planned. 00:10:47.980 --> 00:10:52.480 If it does, I will surely be adding more soil nests like this in the future! 00:10:53.180 --> 00:10:55.760 I currently don't have a cover, but I will be making one soon. 00:10:56.140 --> 00:11:00.380 I want there to be good ventilation so that humidity doesn't weaken our baby powder barrier. 00:11:00.940 --> 00:11:05.100 Let's hope some house gecko doesn't fall in here one night! It would surely be doomed! 00:11:05.320 --> 00:11:08.960 Having the Outworld open and exposed like this poses some issues, however. 00:11:09.240 --> 00:11:15.180 Nuptial fights could happen, so I will certainly need to create a cover of some kind to keep these alates from flying out! 00:11:15.620 --> 00:11:22.560 Overall, though, these new territories are a marvel to behold and add a new dimension to our massive fire ant colony here. 00:11:22.840 --> 00:11:25.580 I will continue to keep you guys updated on its progress. 00:11:25.920 --> 00:11:32.200 I'm so happy we got to witness the magic of how these amazing creatures erect their giant soil structures in 00:11:32.240 --> 00:11:33.560 such a short time! 00:11:34.040 --> 00:11:37.620 I feel like this nest extension was a success! 00:11:38.120 --> 00:11:39.360 Hi-five AC Family! 00:11:40.000 --> 00:11:44.120 So a couple weeks ago we gave our Dark Knights a new extension to their territories... 00:11:44.380 --> 00:11:47.300 ...a forty-foot, two-story pathway to a satellite nest! 00:11:47.460 --> 00:11:54.100 Today, we gave the Fire Nation this gigantic Fire Palace soil nest, which leaves us with this colony... 00:11:54.220 --> 00:12:00.380 The Golden Empire, our yellow crazy ant colony who is fighting an ongoing war against mites. 00:12:00.840 --> 00:12:04.080 The good news is the Golden Empire is still alive. 00:12:04.400 --> 00:12:10.720 The not so good news is the mites are still around, and according to some mite biologists that I spoke with, 00:12:10.880 --> 00:12:16.700 the mites are bad, and the Golden Empire must be moved out of the nest ASAP! 00:12:17.080 --> 00:12:21.080 I can't wait to show you what cool thing I have planned for them! 00:12:22.100 --> 00:12:24.100 Next week... Haha! 00:12:24.100 --> 00:12:30.240 Thank you AC Family for watching this video, and until next week... it's ant love forever! 00:12:35.700 --> 00:12:38.180 AC Family, was that cool or what?! 00:12:38.580 --> 00:12:45.060 I love the Fire Nation so much, and love that you guys got to witness their sheer power and engineering potential today! 00:12:45.380 --> 00:12:50.980 And, as usual, for you inner-colony members, I have placed a hidden cookie for you here: 00:12:51.360 --> 00:12:55.940 and for those of you who just want to see more extended play footage of the Fire Nation moving in to 00:12:55.940 --> 00:12:59.640 the Fire Palace, along with footage of their extensive digging. 00:12:59.840 --> 00:13:01.040 Do check it out! 00:13:01.280 --> 00:13:05.380 Now it's time for the AC Question of the Week for a free prize from our show! 00:13:05.600 --> 00:13:09.540 Last week we asked: Name one method to help keep ants out of your home. 00:13:09.760 --> 00:13:13.760 Congratulations to... Messor Brothers!, who correctly answered: 00:13:14.000 --> 00:13:19.360 Use vinegar when cleaning the floors, counter tops, walls, etc. to get rid of ant pheromone trails. 00:13:19.360 --> 00:13:22.020 We also accepted a variety of answers including: 00:13:22.060 --> 00:13:25.960 Placing open food in the fridge, adding a moat around food and pet food, 00:13:25.960 --> 00:13:29.900 and using baby powder plus rubbing alcohol mix around legs of tables. 00:13:30.240 --> 00:13:34.520 Congratulations Messor Brothers, you just won a free and shirt from our show! 00:13:35.200 --> 00:13:37.300 In this week's question of the week we ask: 00:13:37.480 --> 00:13:39.880 What does the term "eclosing" mean? 00:13:40.160 --> 00:13:45.100 Leave your answer in the comments section and you could win a free eBook handbook from our show! 00:13:45.440 --> 00:13:49.680 Perfect for Northern Hemisphere nuptial fight season coming up in just a few weeks more! 00:13:50.520 --> 00:13:54.900 Hope you can subscribe to the channel and join the AC Family, because we upload a new mind-blowing 00:13:54.900 --> 00:13:59.320 ant video every single Saturday at 8 AM Eastern Standard time. 00:13:59.580 --> 00:14:02.640 Thanks so much for the support AC Family, and until next week... 00:14:03.020 --> 00:14:04.840 It's ant love forever!