WEBVTT 00:00:03.299 --> 00:00:07.939 Funny because this is a song that I really didn't even intend on writing 00:00:08.269 --> 00:00:11.599 I was just sitting there at the piano at my church and 00:00:12.300 --> 00:00:16.669 Just kind of playing and singing through some things and I had this 00:00:16.919 --> 00:00:23.269 Quote come to mind that said when you are on the mountaintops of life learn to bow low 00:00:23.269 --> 00:00:25.369 and when you're in the valleys of life 00:00:25.919 --> 00:00:29.148 Learn to stand tall and I thought man 00:00:29.149 --> 00:00:33.049 This is a perfect picture for the believer because a lot of times 00:00:33.090 --> 00:00:34.280 I don't know about you 00:00:34.280 --> 00:00:38.630 But it's true for me that when I get to the mountaintops of life the great 00:00:39.000 --> 00:00:44.509 Experiences of life the successes of life I can start to feel like, man, this this was me 00:00:44.510 --> 00:00:47.150 I did this I worked this I climbed this mountain 00:00:47.880 --> 00:00:52.400 But it's really in those moments that we have to learn to bow low in high places 00:00:52.950 --> 00:01:00.079 Remembering that it's God who set us there and yet on the flip side sometimes when I'm in the valleys of life. It's like 00:01:00.079 --> 00:01:03.349 God, where are you? You left me here by myself 00:01:04.140 --> 00:01:05.670 and 00:01:05.670 --> 00:01:07.670 that's not true either because 00:01:08.130 --> 00:01:15.740 God sees us in the valley and we're not alone the thing for the believer is for us to understand 00:01:15.740 --> 00:01:21.559 How we deal with this tension of these mountaintop moments and these valley moments? 00:01:21.560 --> 00:01:28.789 And it's to remember that that no matter where we're at, we're standing in God's grace and that no matter 00:01:28.789 --> 00:01:30.979 What we have His grace is enough 00:01:31.499 --> 00:01:34.759 He's the God of the hills and the God of the valley 00:01:41.340 --> 00:01:45.779 God of the sea I [get]