WEBVTT 00:00:00.030 --> 00:00:05.819 From New Hanover County Schools television powered by students this is 00:00:05.819 --> 00:00:16.440 your school news. Welcome to your school news. I'm Vanessa Bergman and I'm Susana 00:00:16.440 --> 00:00:21.060 Herren, topping our newscast Student Advisory Council meets for the final 00:00:21.060 --> 00:00:24.060 time of the year, Congressman David Rouzer speaks to 00:00:24.060 --> 00:00:28.920 Hoggard students, and state Science Olympiad winners are announced. Our top 00:00:28.920 --> 00:00:31.830 story this week; superintendent Dr. Tim Markley met with 00:00:31.830 --> 00:00:35.309 the student Advisory Council for the final time this school year. Over the 00:00:35.309 --> 00:00:38.040 course of the year the group has given input and insight to the Board of 00:00:38.040 --> 00:00:43.379 Education and the superintendent. Here's the full report. Each quarter of the 00:00:43.379 --> 00:00:46.289 school year superintendent Dr. Markley and members of the Board of Education 00:00:46.289 --> 00:00:49.739 meet with students from all the high schools who made up the Student Advisory 00:00:49.739 --> 00:00:53.550 Board. At each meeting the students received a presentation from a senior 00:00:53.550 --> 00:00:57.239 staff member and discussed their perspective on issues, they also had one 00:00:57.239 --> 00:01:00.510 meeting as a group at each of the high schools allowing a more focused look at 00:01:00.510 --> 00:01:04.559 the different problems at each school. I think the biggest thing I got from this 00:01:04.559 --> 00:01:10.380 was definitely listening on what goes on outside of what we don't hear every day 00:01:10.380 --> 00:01:14.580 I learned, that more specifically in my school is going to go further on into 00:01:14.580 --> 00:01:20.640 maybe finding a building for our school and so I didn't necessarily know that. 00:01:20.640 --> 00:01:24.420 The student advisory meeting were great way for those making decisions about the 00:01:24.420 --> 00:01:27.630 school system to hear directly and candidly from the students who are often 00:01:27.630 --> 00:01:31.560 the most affected by those decisions. A wide range of discussions occurred 00:01:31.560 --> 00:01:34.470 throughout the year such as redistricting and school overcrowding. 00:01:34.470 --> 00:01:38.670 This year safety was also a major focus and both the student and school system 00:01:38.670 --> 00:01:42.810 perspectives were discussed in detail. The real benefit of the student Advisory 00:01:42.810 --> 00:01:46.380 Council is the opportunity gives for board members and administrators to 00:01:46.380 --> 00:01:51.390 speak directly with the students in the schools. We saw the expansion last year 00:01:51.390 --> 00:01:54.869 we added Moseley to that for athletics this year we've added our specialty high 00:01:54.869 --> 00:01:58.439 schools, we're going to put that policy in place, you had a lot of 00:01:58.439 --> 00:02:02.189 conversation about safety, the conversations around what we're going to 00:02:02.189 --> 00:02:07.320 do at Isaac Barre possibly getting their own building. That's part of this, also 00:02:07.320 --> 00:02:10.890 it's a great piece for our board members to interact with students and 00:02:10.890 --> 00:02:15.480 get a different voice even if there's no policy decision that comes out, it's 00:02:15.480 --> 00:02:18.480 always a great conversation that helps them as they're forming 00:02:18.480 --> 00:02:22.980 policies. The Student Advisory Council was a major success this year it helped 00:02:22.980 --> 00:02:26.310 provided news perspective to school system decision makers and allowed 00:02:26.310 --> 00:02:30.540 students an outlet to share ideas and voice concerns. Superintendent Markley 00:02:30.540 --> 00:02:33.900 plans to resume the council next school year and looks forward to its continued 00:02:33.900 --> 00:02:38.850 success. Reporting for your school news this is Vanessa Burgman. The Board of 00:02:38.850 --> 00:02:42.870 Education held a special celebration in honor of the teachers who received their 00:02:42.870 --> 00:02:47.940 National Board Certification. This year 34 teachers achieved certification for 00:02:47.940 --> 00:02:52.650 the first time this year in New Hanover County Schools now has 298 national 00:02:52.650 --> 00:02:56.880 board certified. At the celebration the teachers were treated to cupcakes and 00:02:56.880 --> 00:03:00.480 other delicious snacks, they also had a chance to chat with Board of Education 00:03:00.480 --> 00:03:05.130 members and school system administration. These teachers achieved certification 00:03:05.130 --> 00:03:09.120 through a rigorous performance-based assessment which took between one and 00:03:09.120 --> 00:03:13.350 three years to complete and measure what accomplished teachers and counselors 00:03:13.350 --> 00:03:18.239 should know and be able to do. After the reception the 34 teachers along with the 00:03:18.239 --> 00:03:22.020 7 teachers who renewed their certification were recognized at the 00:03:22.020 --> 00:03:26.640 Board of Education meeting each teacher received a plaque along with cheers from 00:03:26.640 --> 00:03:29.820 the audience. National Board Certification is the 00:03:29.820 --> 00:03:33.890 highest credential in the teaching profession and participation is 00:03:33.890 --> 00:03:39.780 voluntary. Congratulations to all of the New Hanover County Schools new national 00:03:39.780 --> 00:03:43.800 board certified teachers and to those who have successfully renewed their 00:03:43.800 --> 00:03:48.720 certification! With primary elections on everybody's mind the US government, 00:03:48.720 --> 00:03:52.830 politics, and civic students at Hoggard had the opportunity to listen and to 00:03:52.830 --> 00:03:56.910 speakers could either hold an office or seeking election. After a visit from Dr. 00:03:56.910 --> 00:04:00.720 Kyle Horton last month Mrs. Almond and the Viking students welcomed congressman 00:04:00.720 --> 00:04:04.980 David Rouser to speak about his career in politics thus far. Congressman Rouser 00:04:04.980 --> 00:04:08.640 start his talk with how he got started; he told the story about his time as 00:04:08.640 --> 00:04:13.830 undergrad at NC State where he had a roommate who grew up behind the Iron Curtain, he 00:04:13.830 --> 00:04:16.410 talked about how this led to his interest in government and a career in 00:04:16.410 --> 00:04:19.890 government. Students also learn of Rouser's earlier political 00:04:19.890 --> 00:04:23.880 accomplishments, working with Jessie Husband and how it helped him to get to 00:04:23.880 --> 00:04:26.669 where he is today. He then spoke with the students about 00:04:26.669 --> 00:04:31.320 the process and difficulties legislators faced trying to get a bill passed, he 00:04:31.320 --> 00:04:33.810 explained the process and discussed some of the challenges. 00:04:33.810 --> 00:04:37.290 Congressman Rouzer spent his final 15 minutes with the students taking 00:04:37.290 --> 00:04:41.040 questions ranging from the federal budget and gerrymandering, as well as 00:04:41.040 --> 00:04:44.090 what he believes are some of the disadvantages of a career in politics. 00:04:44.090 --> 00:04:48.449 Upon filing out of the room after the bell rang congressman Rouser shook hands 00:04:48.449 --> 00:04:52.410 with many of his future constituents. It was a great learning experience for the 00:04:52.410 --> 00:04:55.830 young students who may be looking to a career in government and politics in the 00:04:55.830 --> 00:05:01.350 years to come. Students from across North Carolina travel to the campus of NC 00:05:01.350 --> 00:05:06.060 State University to compete in the state Science Olympiad competition. Many teens 00:05:06.060 --> 00:05:10.380 placed in the top five in their event and with the list is YSN reporter 00:05:10.380 --> 00:05:17.340 Yohan Yellow. Founded in 1984 Science Olympiad is one of the premier science 00:05:17.340 --> 00:05:21.120 competitions in the nation that challenges students in the areas of 00:05:21.120 --> 00:05:26.789 science, math, technology, and engineering. In Hanover County Schools teams were 00:05:26.789 --> 00:05:30.210 part of roughly one hundred middle and high school teams that competed at the 00:05:30.210 --> 00:05:34.500 state competition, as well as the 60 other schools they qualified for 00:05:34.500 --> 00:05:39.960 individual events. 1st through 10th place winners were recognized at the event and 00:05:39.960 --> 00:05:45.810 medals were awarded to participants in each area. Here are the teams: from New 00:05:45.810 --> 00:05:51.210 Hanover County who placed 1st through 5th in the competition from Hoggard High 00:05:51.210 --> 00:05:56.190 School two teams placed 4th in two different events, they were two teams of 00:05:56.190 --> 00:06:02.010 Daniel Cheng and John Poteat, competing in hovercraft and the teams of Daniel 00:06:02.010 --> 00:06:07.460 Livengood and Zion Panz, competing in dynamic planet. 00:06:07.460 --> 00:06:13.440 Overall the Hoggard high school team placed 6 out of 51 teams at Roland Grise 00:06:13.440 --> 00:06:18.270 Middle School: taking first place in crimebusters were Justin Guo and Sarthak 00:06:18.270 --> 00:06:25.020 Mishra, Finnian Long and Sayer Kohman Eidem took fourth in the 00:06:25.020 --> 00:06:30.150 meteorology event, lastly from Roland Grise was 5 place team of Sam Snyder 00:06:30.150 --> 00:06:36.360 and Nolan Savard competing in battery buggy. From Eugene Ashley High School 00:06:36.360 --> 00:06:41.600 Savannah Canady and Grayson Harris took second place in aerial scramble. 00:06:41.600 --> 00:06:47.190 From Isaac Barrow Early College High School taking second place in mousetrap 00:06:47.190 --> 00:06:53.100 vehicle where Tommy Esposito and Ben Latter, Sophia Miller and Zane Dash took 00:06:53.100 --> 00:06:58.650 third place in a dynamic planet, while Grayson Syster and Ben Latter took 00:06:58.650 --> 00:07:04.710 first place in aerial scramble earning each of them a $2,500 scholarship to 00:07:04.710 --> 00:07:10.410 North Carolina State University. Taking second place in the stuck on science 00:07:10.410 --> 00:07:15.570 event were Johnny Morales and Bailey Bordeaux, the last team from Isaac bear 00:07:15.570 --> 00:07:21.720 included Chloe Jones in Cole Woodson who took fourth place in paper science. From 00:07:21.720 --> 00:07:26.070 EA Laney high school the team of Nick Karras and Natalie kelmer took 5 00:07:26.070 --> 00:07:30.540 place in dynamic planet, Natalie Kelmer also took fourth place in 00:07:30.540 --> 00:07:35.580 rocks and minerals event with her teammate Amy Leister, in mystery design 00:07:35.580 --> 00:07:40.830 Alison Carpenter and Ben Acurie won third place, while Jade Taylor took fifth 00:07:40.830 --> 00:07:48.000 place in paper science.Priyanka Vadervu and Cody Curran took first place in 00:07:48.000 --> 00:07:53.640 mousetrap vehicle winning each of them a $2,500 scholarship to North Carolina 00:07:53.640 --> 00:07:57.210 State University. The entire team also took home the 00:07:57.210 --> 00:08:03.200 spirit award. From Murray middle school taking third place in wright stuff were 00:08:03.200 --> 00:08:09.600 Katie Barnello and MikeIzzo, the team of katie Barnello and Mike Izzo also 00:08:09.600 --> 00:08:14.820 won second place in aerial scramble, in stuck on science Katherine Johnson and 00:08:14.820 --> 00:08:20.880 Tori Green took the fourth place spot, and from Noble middle school Cooper 00:08:20.880 --> 00:08:27.810 Hydahl and Lindsey Knepper took third place in herpetology. Congratulations to 00:08:27.810 --> 00:08:31.890 all this year's winners at the state Science Olympiad! Reporting for your 00:08:31.890 --> 00:08:35.930 school news this is Yohan Yellow. 00:08:38.169 --> 00:08:42.769 This is Your School News on cable and online look for a blue logo with all the 00:08:42.769 --> 00:08:48.200 latest news online at www.nhcs.net 00:08:57.010 --> 00:09:01.610 Welcome back to your school news I'm Susanna Haron. Noble middle school was 00:09:01.610 --> 00:09:05.120 honored to host New York Times bestselling author Allen Grats at their 00:09:05.120 --> 00:09:09.590 school for an entire day of excitement. The author gave in-depth talks to the 00:09:09.590 --> 00:09:13.610 students and even had a book signing YSN reporter Mary Hull has the full 00:09:13.610 --> 00:09:17.570 report. Nothing could have inspired children to read more than a special 00:09:17.570 --> 00:09:21.920 visit from New York Times bestselling author Alan Gratz, he visited hundreds of 00:09:21.920 --> 00:09:25.040 schools across the nation in the world and the students at Noble Middle School 00:09:25.040 --> 00:09:28.880 were grateful to have him to stop by. His books were geared toward middle school 00:09:28.880 --> 00:09:32.780 ages and many students have real connections to his books. He is best 00:09:32.780 --> 00:09:38.420 known for his novels prisoner B 3087, Samurai shortstop and his newest 00:09:38.420 --> 00:09:44.480 book Refugee. I love kids books because they're so plot oriented, they're 00:09:44.480 --> 00:09:48.410 action-packed, they're thoughtful at the same time. Kids are starting to think 00:09:48.410 --> 00:09:53.300 about the world at large, but they also want really compelling stories so 00:09:53.300 --> 00:09:57.650 that really fit the kind of stories I wanted to write and that became my 00:09:57.650 --> 00:10:01.820 focus and I sold my very first book as a kids book and haven't looked back ever 00:10:01.820 --> 00:10:05.420 since. Throughout the day at noble middle school students were given the 00:10:05.420 --> 00:10:08.480 opportunity to hear from the writer and learn all about where he gets his ideas 00:10:08.480 --> 00:10:12.770 and how he writes his novels. To prepare for his visit to Wilmington students 00:10:12.770 --> 00:10:16.250 familiarize themselves with Gratz and his work during a question and answer 00:10:16.250 --> 00:10:19.910 session. Students asked many intriguing questions about his books research in 00:10:19.910 --> 00:10:23.839 the writing process. As Gratz talked with students he told him about his books and 00:10:23.839 --> 00:10:27.380 have them participate in creative choices and how he presented the 00:10:27.380 --> 00:10:31.520 information. His goal was to inspire every student to read and realize that 00:10:31.520 --> 00:10:36.230 reading can be fun. What I tell kids is if you don't like to read that means 00:10:36.230 --> 00:10:38.900 you just haven't found the right book yet, and I'm hoping to show them that 00:10:38.900 --> 00:10:42.620 that my books are right for some people and that for other people it might be 00:10:42.620 --> 00:10:45.589 somebody else's books, and if you love horses there's books for you 00:10:45.589 --> 00:10:49.130 love like skateboarding, there's books for you if you love mysteries, or 00:10:49.130 --> 00:10:52.220 historical fiction. Whatever it is there's a book for you out there and 00:10:52.220 --> 00:10:55.760 that's one of the things I try to encourage them to do is just get excited 00:10:55.760 --> 00:11:00.260 about reading, become readers if they aren't, or solidify them as readers if 00:11:00.260 --> 00:11:03.830 they are and that reading is fun. That reading is for pleasure you're gonna 00:11:03.830 --> 00:11:08.120 learn some stuff and there's meaning in all my books but the first and foremost 00:11:08.120 --> 00:11:11.450 thing I want people to do is I want to write a book that they can't 00:11:11.450 --> 00:11:15.950 put down. During this time at noble Gretz also a lunge with battle of the books 00:11:15.950 --> 00:11:19.550 teams the students were thrilled to get to meet the author of the book they had 00:11:19.550 --> 00:11:23.390 been reading and seemed even more excited to read in the future. The day 00:11:23.390 --> 00:11:26.810 ended with the book signing for the students everyone had a chance to have 00:11:26.810 --> 00:11:30.350 their favorite Gratz book personally autographed. Overall the visit was 00:11:30.350 --> 00:11:34.190 extremely successful in entertaining for the middle school students. It is an 00:11:34.190 --> 00:11:37.940 experience like this that remind Gratz why he wanted to write children's novels 00:11:37.940 --> 00:11:41.630 to begin with. The noble students were inspired to find a book they liked to 00:11:41.630 --> 00:11:45.730 read and to read it, many were also inspired to try their hand at writing. 00:11:45.730 --> 00:11:51.320 Reporting for your school news this is Mary hull. Ogden Elementary recently held 00:11:51.320 --> 00:11:54.320 their annual family science night and celebration of all the wonders that the 00:11:54.320 --> 00:11:57.740 subject of science has to offer. The event was able to excite the 00:11:57.740 --> 00:12:00.830 students as well as the parents. There are multiple different science 00:12:00.830 --> 00:12:03.800 experiments for each of the students to work through as well as a learning 00:12:03.800 --> 00:12:07.250 station for every grade level. Each learning station worked with the 00:12:07.250 --> 00:12:10.220 subjects that kids were currently learning in their classes at the school, 00:12:10.220 --> 00:12:14.480 many of the games and experiments were based on forces in motion, the scientific 00:12:14.480 --> 00:12:19.400 method, balance and motion, engineering, and earth science. The event was 00:12:19.400 --> 00:12:24.530 complete with snacks, games, experiments, and even a photo booth. We started this 00:12:24.530 --> 00:12:27.740 about a year or two ago to get the kids and families really excited about 00:12:27.740 --> 00:12:33.620 science, the hands-on just experiments and getting kids kind of open and 00:12:33.620 --> 00:12:36.740 excited about it and wanting to learn more at school. Kind of like a little 00:12:36.740 --> 00:12:41.420 taste before they came back into school and dive into the standard that they're 00:12:41.420 --> 00:12:45.410 doing in the classroom. This event alternates each time it's 00:12:45.410 --> 00:12:48.500 held between science and math night to keep the students engaged on the 00:12:48.500 --> 00:12:52.250 important STEM subjects the school works with. Multiple sponsors each year 00:12:52.250 --> 00:12:57.200 including UNCW, Fort Fisher Aquarium, GE, and the Arboretum, to help add an extra 00:12:57.200 --> 00:13:01.100 outside to the classroom experience. Ogden hopes that learning the basics of 00:13:01.100 --> 00:13:04.550 how certain devices work will help students develop ideas of their own and 00:13:04.550 --> 00:13:08.210 invent new technology. In addition the knowledge of how to use telescopes, 00:13:08.210 --> 00:13:11.990 microscopes, and other devices in a laboratory can help them in examining 00:13:11.990 --> 00:13:16.250 objects and determining differences between them. Ogden Elementary hosts an 00:13:16.250 --> 00:13:19.040 amazing night where students and parents were able to have a great time while 00:13:19.040 --> 00:13:22.460 learning about a great amount this children's schools subjects. 00:13:22.460 --> 00:13:26.390 Everything was informational as well as fun and each of the students 00:13:26.390 --> 00:13:31.730 left with a smile on their face and a new enthusiasm for science. For students 00:13:31.730 --> 00:13:36.590 living with a heart condition having an automated external defibrillator or AED 00:13:36.590 --> 00:13:41.120 at school can make all the difference, that is why two dedicated students at 00:13:41.120 --> 00:13:45.470 Williston middle school wrote letters to the CPR by MD foundation and are being 00:13:45.470 --> 00:13:51.290 awarded an automated external defibrillator for their school one of 00:13:51.290 --> 00:13:54.230 the students brothers has heart problems and she worried that something would 00:13:54.230 --> 00:13:58.730 happen him while he was at school. Prior to the donation the only AED at 00:13:58.730 --> 00:14:03.620 Wiliston was located in the front office this prompted the 00:14:03.620 --> 00:14:07.310 students to write letters to voice her concerns about the safety of students 00:14:07.310 --> 00:14:11.570 living with heart conditions. An AED is a portable device that checks the heart 00:14:11.570 --> 00:14:15.500 rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore normal 00:14:15.500 --> 00:14:20.060 rhythm. Cardiac arrest can strike a person of any age or fitness level which 00:14:20.060 --> 00:14:24.410 makes a ADS that much more important. Wiliston is thankful for the Patel 00:14:24.410 --> 00:14:31.220 family donated an AED machine on behalf of the CPR by MD Foundation. The 00:14:31.220 --> 00:14:35.570 new machine will be placed at a convenient location in the school. New 00:14:35.570 --> 00:14:39.200 Hanover County Schools congratulate Senya Shaw a senior from Hoggard high 00:14:39.200 --> 00:14:43.010 school for being awarded the prestigious Moorhead-Cain scholarship to attend the 00:14:43.010 --> 00:14:46.910 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Morehead Cain is a four-year 00:14:46.910 --> 00:14:51.620 merit scholarship, which includes full tuition, student fees, housing, meals, books, 00:14:51.620 --> 00:14:56.060 a laptop, miscellaneous supplies, and discovery funds to be used for education 00:14:56.060 --> 00:15:00.290 opportunities. Ms. Shah currently serves as the Hoggard student council vice 00:15:00.290 --> 00:15:03.830 president, a role that involves coordinating local events and serving as 00:15:03.830 --> 00:15:08.450 a liaison between students and faculty. She is also a volunteer and fundraiser 00:15:08.450 --> 00:15:12.980 for Homes of Hope, an organization that is rescued and educated nearly 2,000 00:15:12.980 --> 00:15:16.880 girls who have been orphaned, abandoned, or involved in human trafficking in 00:15:16.880 --> 00:15:20.990 India. In addition to her community service Sanya is an award-winning singer 00:15:20.990 --> 00:15:25.460 and highly ranked in the South Korean martial arts sou bahk doh. While at 00:15:25.460 --> 00:15:30.490 Carolina she plans to study finance and psychology. 00:15:32.060 --> 00:15:37.230 Check out these trending stories on the school systems website; NHCS recruiting 00:15:37.230 --> 00:15:42.210 volunteer proctors for upcoming spring testing cycle, Laney high school to hold 00:15:42.210 --> 00:15:47.430 ninth annual slam jam to prevent school violence, a new broadcast coordinator has 00:15:47.430 --> 00:15:51.600 been selected to head NHCS-TV, and always trying to knees your school news 00:15:51.600 --> 00:16:03.260 on Facebook and Twitter.