WEBVTT 00:00:03.540 --> 00:00:06.410 We all know the phrase a friend in need is [a] friend indeed 00:00:07.020 --> 00:00:13.130 But did you know the difference between good friends and toxic friends? Well? We all have that one friend 00:00:13.200 --> 00:00:19.459 Who's bad-tempered a little jealous and somewhat conceited? Do you think he or she is a true friend [to] you? 00:00:19.680 --> 00:00:21.110 Let's see today 00:00:21.110 --> 00:00:28.729 We've got 10 major differences between good friends and toxic friends that you should consider and don't forget to hit that [thumbs] up button 00:00:29.070 --> 00:00:34.009 Because it's important for us number 1 good friends celebrate your success 00:00:34.310 --> 00:00:39.229 They're really happy with your promotion at work your new relationships or even your new shiny car 00:00:39.480 --> 00:00:42.470 They'll be the first to call you and say hey well done 00:00:43.230 --> 00:00:47.149 Congratulations. Let's go out and celebrate. They're always very proud of you 00:00:48.059 --> 00:00:52.069 toxic friends get jealous of your achievements even your smallest 00:00:52.380 --> 00:00:57.319 Achievements enrage them they cannot put up with the idea that someone's [business] is going well 00:00:57.690 --> 00:01:04.309 They can like your photos on Instagram, but when you meet them in person. It's easy to notice. They're jealous of you 00:01:04.350 --> 00:01:06.350 It's literally written on their faces 00:01:06.990 --> 00:01:10.249 number two good friends know the importance of your alone time 00:01:11.039 --> 00:01:15.919 Sometimes we all can't stand the hustle and bustle of big cities, so we need our private time 00:01:16.439 --> 00:01:23.059 spend this time on meditating thinking reading good books or walking our true friends understand this and 00:01:23.279 --> 00:01:26.539 Never get offended even if we cancel weekend plans with them 00:01:27.569 --> 00:01:32.059 Toxic friends try to occupy all your time. They're like spiders 00:01:32.189 --> 00:01:34.699 They literally need all your time and attention 00:01:35.130 --> 00:01:40.009 They easily get offended when you want to spend some time alone and complain about you to others 00:01:40.289 --> 00:01:43.129 You always feel guilty when [you] say no to them 00:01:43.770 --> 00:01:46.669 Number three good friends are caring and empathetic 00:01:47.189 --> 00:01:52.578 [they] say wow you look great even if you have bed hair and are wearing a [rubble] t-shirt 00:01:52.799 --> 00:01:55.938 They never judge your appearance, and they always know how to cheer you up 00:01:57.060 --> 00:01:59.719 toxic friends judge and criticize you oh 00:02:00.029 --> 00:02:07.309 Where'd you get that weird hat you look terrible they never miss an opportunity [to] point out your shortcomings even the smallest ones 00:02:07.560 --> 00:02:13.040 They hide behind the phrase I just want to help you, but they don't help at all. They make you feel awkward 00:02:13.550 --> 00:02:18.919 And uncomfortable number four good friends respect you and value your friendship 00:02:19.170 --> 00:02:21.440 You're a very important person for them 00:02:21.440 --> 00:02:28.790 So they know how to argue without being personal also, if something goes wrong when you travel together, they'll just laugh at all the troubles 00:02:29.760 --> 00:02:35.539 Toxic friends lose their tempers easily they can even shout at you in front of other friends or in public 00:02:35.610 --> 00:02:42.260 If something goes wrong or not according to their plan they lose their temper very quickly and become a monster 00:02:43.170 --> 00:02:46.130 number five good friends enjoy exchanging opinions 00:02:46.710 --> 00:02:53.149 [they're] interested in your opinion and always listen [to] you if they disagree with you. I'll express it in the mildest form 00:02:54.300 --> 00:02:56.300 toxic friends only want to win an argument 00:02:56.700 --> 00:03:03.350 They hardly reckon with your opinion because they think that only they are right and they try to prove it by any means 00:03:04.380 --> 00:03:08.149 number six good friends believe your words well of course 00:03:08.190 --> 00:03:11.270 They won't believe you if you say you're moving to mars next weekend 00:03:11.270 --> 00:03:18.409 But they usually believe all your stories when you tell them something interesting for instance from documentaries. They believe every word 00:03:19.170 --> 00:03:22.190 Toxic friends doubt everything you say, they're like 00:03:22.860 --> 00:03:28.399 Are you sure? I think it's better than ask google. No matter what you say they always want to double-check 00:03:29.520 --> 00:03:35.119 Number seven good friends, call you because they miss you. How was your day is everything okay? 00:03:35.250 --> 00:03:39.800 If you miss your class or work, they'll be the first to call to ask whether you're [alright] 00:03:39.989 --> 00:03:42.079 They miss you, and they worry about you 00:03:42.840 --> 00:03:47.360 Toxic friends find you only when they need your help hey, can you pick me up right now? 00:03:47.550 --> 00:03:52.219 Help me with my work walk. My dog. No come on world friends 00:03:53.220 --> 00:03:55.910 Numberings good friends except you the way you are 00:03:56.370 --> 00:04:01.820 Even if you wear all bright colors together sing on the streets or spend all your weekends riding a canoe 00:04:01.950 --> 00:04:03.660 They appreciate your wings 00:04:03.660 --> 00:04:05.839 They don't care they love you 00:04:06.300 --> 00:04:13.850 Toxic friends try to change and control you they always say something like what's better for you is or you have to try this 00:04:14.519 --> 00:04:21.229 They find it hard to reconcile themselves with your lifestyle. Let's be honest their advice is so 00:04:22.390 --> 00:04:27.449 Number nine good friends know that everyone has their friends, and they won't judge you for that 00:04:27.610 --> 00:04:32.789 They might even become good friends with your other friends if you introduce them to each other if not 00:04:32.790 --> 00:04:36.900 They'll still respect the fact that you like to spend time with your other friends and colleagues 00:04:37.720 --> 00:04:42.119 Toxic friends don't like your other friends remember they're like spiders 00:04:42.280 --> 00:04:47.970 They don't want to share you with other people and even with your family. They always want to be the center of your life 00:04:48.910 --> 00:04:51.689 number 10 good friends know how to keep a secret 00:04:52.180 --> 00:04:58.619 If you tell them please don't tell anyone they'll take it seriously don't worry your secrets won't fly around the world 00:04:59.500 --> 00:05:03.240 Toxic friends say things they shouldn't say and they always add 00:05:03.240 --> 00:05:09.960 I shouldn't have told you this if your friend tells you other secrets it means he or she would spread your secrets as well 00:05:10.240 --> 00:05:14.219 Just avoid their company gossip is not the best pastime 00:05:14.220 --> 00:05:15.070 so 00:05:15.070 --> 00:05:17.580 Have you recognized some of your friends? 00:05:17.770 --> 00:05:23.879 Share this video [with] those who you consider your best friend ever and if you're visiting our channel for the first time 00:05:24.070 --> 00:05:27.270 click subscribe to stay on the Bright side of life