WEBVTT 00:00:18.660 --> 00:00:24.750 Do you know that you can use Wikipedia when doing academic research? Wikipedia? Yep, Wikipedia. 00:00:24.750 --> 00:00:28.860 You shouldn’t cite Wikipedia as a source in your research paper. And no, it’s not 00:00:28.860 --> 00:00:31.820 because Wikipedia is a bad source for information. 00:00:31.820 --> 00:00:36.930 The reason you shouldn’t use it as a source for your paper is because it is just an encyclopaedia. 00:00:36.930 --> 00:00:41.180 College level work requires more sophisticated source materials such as books and journal 00:00:41.180 --> 00:00:44.180 articles. 00:00:44.180 --> 00:00:50.059 In fact, a 2005 study by the journal Nature showed that Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopaedia 00:00:50.059 --> 00:00:51.559 Brittanica. 00:00:51.559 --> 00:00:56.239 If you shouldn’t cite Wikipedia in your paper how can you use it for academic research? 00:00:56.239 --> 00:00:59.570 When you know more about your topic, you can use that information when you search in other 00:00:59.570 --> 00:01:02.370 places like the Internet and the library. 00:01:02.370 --> 00:01:08.570 As you read through a Wikipedia entry write down: topic phrases, names of organizations, 00:01:08.570 --> 00:01:14.820 names of people, relevant dates, and related items or issues. The reason for this is to 00:01:14.820 --> 00:01:19.200 generate a list of keywords and phrases you can use when searching for sources on your 00:01:19.200 --> 00:01:19.990 topic. 00:01:19.990 --> 00:01:25.190 For Example: Here is the entry for the gamma-ray burst and here is a list of key words and 00:01:25.190 --> 00:01:32.190 related terms from the entry: gamma-ray bursts, GRBs, electromagnetic events, supernova. 00:01:33.250 --> 00:01:39.050 You can use these keywords to search the web, your library catalog, databases or other resources. 00:01:39.050 --> 00:01:45.550 While Wikipedia entries can be edited by anyone, they do include citations with links to the 00:01:45.550 --> 00:01:52.550 original information. Citations can link to web pages, articles, books and a variety of 00:01:53.179 --> 00:01:55.090 other sources. 00:01:55.090 --> 00:01:59.130 You can see a list of the citations used at the end of a Wikipedia article in the references 00:01:59.130 --> 00:02:03.940 section. If the citations are for articles and books, do any authors seem to be listed 00:02:03.940 --> 00:02:09.539 several times? Bloom would be a good example in this list. Save their name to your list 00:02:09.539 --> 00:02:10.660 of keywords. 00:02:10.660 --> 00:02:14.420 When you click on a reference link, it takes you to the original source. 00:02:14.420 --> 00:02:20.560 In this case an article on naked-eye observations from Astrophysical Journal is used as a reference. 00:02:20.560 --> 00:02:24.080 This article and many other references in this list could be great sources to use in 00:02:24.080 --> 00:02:28.710 your paper. Do not assume that everything in the list is peer-reviewed or scholarly, 00:02:28.710 --> 00:02:33.200 you will need to evaluate each source to be sure it suits the needs of your assignment. 00:02:33.200 --> 00:02:37.320 At the end of the Wikipedia entry, you will also find a list of External Links. These 00:02:37.320 --> 00:02:42.770 are typically links to related information such as web sites, projects, and organizations. 00:02:42.770 --> 00:02:47.370 In this case, a mission website from NASA on observing gamma-ray bursts. 00:02:47.370 --> 00:02:51.090 While you wouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for your paper, you can see how it can lead 00:02:51.090 --> 00:02:57.710 to many quality books, articles, magazines, news reports, and websites that are just right. 00:02:57.710 --> 00:03:02.990 So, Wikipedia can be used for academic research after all. Here is a quick list of things 00:03:02.990 --> 00:03:08.020 to remember: Wikipedia shouldn’t be used as a source for your paper, it is good for 00:03:08.020 --> 00:03:13.440 background information, you can use it to create a list of phrases, organizations, people, 00:03:13.440 --> 00:03:19.130 dates, and related terms, use these terms when searching for information on your topic, 00:03:19.130 --> 00:03:23.240 look at the Reference and External Links sections at the end of the Wikipedia entries for sources 00:03:23.240 --> 00:03:24.440 you can cite in your research.