Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use keyboard shortcuts?

Spacebar: Play / Pause.
Up/Down arrow on the seek bar: Increase/Decrease volume 1%.
Left/Right arrow on the seek bar: Seek backward/forward 5 seconds.
f: Activate full screen. If full screen mode is enabled, activate F again or press escape to exit full screen mode.

How could your service protect kids from improper YouTube videos?

The first phase of our solution should prevent the kids watching a YouTube video from distracting or unrelated videos and from watching offensive comments or hate speech, the second phase that we are currently working on should help parents to create channels for their kids and fill them with the type of proper videos that express the kid interests, this will not be time consuming at all, all what the parent needs to do is to copy and paste preferable YouTube videos, once the kid find a channel with his/her name and photo including the type of videos that he/she like, it should keep the kid busy with his channel, the parent can also use the playlist option to keep videos playing for a while, while this should work with most of the kids, we highly recommend to always supervise the kids behaviour each now and then.

Am I free to use safe with any video type?

If we receive a bad report on certain video or detected an improper video during monitoring our database, it will be removed immediately.
We ban offensive videos that include hate speech, songs, movies or any video with improper scence.

How many safe YouTube videos can I generate and does the link expire?

You can generate safe YouTube links with no limit and the link will never expire as long as it's proper to be on our database.

I lost the safe YouTube link, How can I retrieve it?

Unfortunately it is not possible now to retrieve the link but will be possible soon upon getting the second phase of the solution done. For now kindly re-generate the link and always copy the generated link to a file on your computer or send to yourself in an email.

There are some ads on the YouTube video, How can I remove them?

We have no control over these ads, though if you are the owner of the video you may disable monetization from YouTube control panel, this should do the job.
Or you could use Google Chrome or Safari and install adBlock extension which should remove all ads inside the video.

Is it legal to use safe YouTube?

Yes, it's fully authorized by YouTube, we are using a licensed YouTube API to integrate with our solution.

Why should I use your solution while YouTube provides safe mode option?

Safety mode does not work well and there are over 100 links and buttons around the video player which are enough to scatterbrain any viewer.

Can I run safe in school while YouTube is blocked?

It depends on how your school configured their proxy filtering.

Why should I make a donation?

Contributions are requested and optional. They help sustain our work and keep safe YouTube running and getting better. Your donation will help thousands of teachers, students, parents, kids, and many others have a safer and better watching experience that they deserve.
Please click here if you are interested to make a donation

I do not have money to make a donation but would like to contribute that good work?

Thanks for your positive interaction, sharing the website with your friends would help us to spread our service, you could also send your suggestions and comments to us which are very welcome.

Why autoplay option doesn't work on my android system while it works on my laptop?

Autoplay on most mobile platforms (Android, iOS) gets blocked to avoid poor user experiences - video should only play following a user action.
Add Bookmarklet
A bookmarklet is a "one-click" tool which adds functionality to your browser where you can create safe YouTube videos directly while watching videos on

Drag "DO NOT CLICK" the below bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar. It should appear on the toolbar.